Treehouse Honeymoon in Thailand

  1. WHAT. A. DREAM! Congratulations to your friends but also congrats to you! This is amazing and such an experience! I know they will treasure these images forever!

  2. Sienna says:

    I am loving how you’ve just captured these two being AUTHENTICALLY THEM; enjoying the serenity that Thailand has to offer. That’s all that couples can ask for when having a photo session!

  3. Jacqueline G says:

    These two genuinely look like some of the sweetest people, you capture their souls and personalities so well. What a dream trip too! Thailand is one of my next dream locations I’d like to visit.

  4. these photos are INSANEEEEEEE. what a freakin dream. i love them all so so much. also the picture of her in the pool with the butterfly…idk why but that picture gave me feels. if these 2 ever have kids and they see these photos they are gonna be like dang my parents were so cute and happy wwowwww

  5. Kat Carney says:

    whoa! this is next level unreal and freaking amazing and I’m not sure what else to say. So KILLER!

  6. liz says:

    Wow! What an amazing experience you captured. Love all the beauty you captured along with the couple. Love it when clients become friends!

  7. Katy Homan says:

    Wow, Lauren, these are just amazing!! Romantic, natural, artistic, personal, filmic…all rolled into one! Such beautiful photos! The couple must be over the moon!

  8. Stacy says:

    Such beautiful images and story!!

  9. Mikalynn Amos says:

    LOVE the story, LOVE the idea of honeymoon photos, and LOVE the photos themselves! What a beautiful way to document their honeymoon.

  10. Sabrina Kaye says:

    SHUT UP these are amazing! This is literally such a dream, I need to go back to Thailand ASAP!

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