I’m based in Portland, OR but am always down to travel where the good people + good food are.  Here's my travel schedule if you wanna check if I'll be in your city, or send me a message to plan something together! 

Trust me, I GET IT! I’ll give you plenty of direction and prompts to get you moving and interacting with each other. I want you to feel comfortable and natural, and have fun! Sometimes I’ll have a moody editorial moment, and pose you, but we’ll never do anything you hate or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.  Here's more on the experience.

I’ll help you with outfits that look good + show off your personality, and with picking the perfect location too. On the day of your session, show up with an open mind, and be ready to have fun! I always recommend my couples to spend a few hours before the session together, and treat the day like a date. If you need it, bring a lil liquid courage ;) For weddings, I have a lil guide to help you in your planning.

60+ images for engagement sessions, 500+ for weddings. It depends on your day. For weddings you can expect typically 80 image per hour, but it depends on how much is going on, if you have a lot of details, etc. I don’t ever give RAW images, and I carefully select the images that make it to the final gallery. Part of the process is trusting me and loving my style. Anyone can slap an instagram filter on an image – you’re hiring me, for ME. And that’s my shooting style, my editing style, my personality, all of it! 

No, I don't offer discounts. I take a limited amount of weddings and sessions a year, to really give each couple the attention they deserve. I also have bills to pay, and latte lives the bougiest dog life ever. With that said, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you don’t see something that will work with your budget. I am always happy to discuss a payment plan, or come up with something else that might work for all of us if we’re the right fit. Connection is always more important than money.

The part when loved ones say nice things about the newly married lovers. You'll usually find me crying quietly behind the camera. I love hearing how loved my couple is, and I think it's one of the most genuine, honest parts of the day.

Weddings typically take 8 weeks, and other sessions usually take 3 weeks. 

My goal is to help you feel beautiful, as you are. I'm all about that self love and body positivity, so I don't photoshop anything that's not temporary (pimples, scratches, bruises – I got you). If there's anything you're particularly self conscious about, please let me know! I'll do my best while posing you. 

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